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I am an Indian working woman in the big, bad global multi-national corporate world. (My firm is a peculiar cross between Octan Corporation from the Lego Movie and the office they show in The Office.) I have loved writing since I was a child and am finding it difficult to maintain a regular diary ever since I left school because it's been complicated to categorize my myriad thoughts on life, people, career, love, politics and everyday events into a single notebook (ditto for typing into a single file in Microsoft Word.)
I admit the Grand Idea of a Blog struck me earlier but I was too lazy to act on it - believing it was the refuge of the jobless and it was pointless to express myself so...err..."publicly".  To be honest, I thought it would be very difficult to maintain a pseudonym (lol).
I now realise that NO ONE really cares about your real identity - there are just way too many bloggers with pseudonyms in cyber-space and they all pour their hearts out with ever-more-shocking degrees of honesty. Hence, assured of my anonymity, I look forward to writing to my heart's content.
Welcome to my world.  :)

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All comments, criticism and feedback are welcome! You can even post as Anonymous if you're really shy. :)

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