Sunday, January 1, 2012

Words That Mesmerise Me

I love words - I suppose all wannabe writers do. Following is a list of words that are especially uncommon (you can interpret this line as meaning "I just heard of them recently and would like to remember them for posterity!") Clearly, some of them are NOT beautiful.
(I hate to admit this but the irony of my word-collection habits is perhaps best summed up by my forgetfully writing 'posteriority' instead of 'posterity' above! Thank God the former doesn't exist, or even automated Spell-check couldn't have saved me!)
  1. Scuttle
  2. Maven
  3. Feckless
  4. Trenchant
  5. Twat (I learned this while watching Easy A.)
  6. Peroration
  7. Mojo (I'm kind of cheating while putting this in as I already knew the meaning when I heard it again recently...but I just love this word! Thank you Powerpuff Girls.)
  8. Hax (I learned this while stalking my crush. He uses it a lot while posting comments. Will ask him why if and when we ever talk.)
  9. Unctuous
  10. Hausfrau
  11. Blandishments
  12. Patsy
  13. Tong
  14. Akira Kurosawa (I didn't want to end on 13 so I just randomly wrote his I update this list I'll add more words!)


  1. Even I get mesmerized by these words ! :)
    I'll definitely be back to check out more such words :)

  2. 'I love words - I suppose all wannabe writers do.' Haha, even I got mesmerized by those you mentioned..
    Checking out for their meanings now. :D

  3. @Kitty and @Vinay
    Yey! I'm glad you also love words (especially these - I just encountered these strange ones over the past few weeks and I still love them!) :)


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